A-derma Epiteliale AH DUO Massage Massage Gel 40 ml -

A-derma Epiteliale AH DUO Massage Massage Gel 40 ml


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Do what you need to keep your skin in optimum condition. Cosmetic problems such as scars, stretch marks during pregnancy can be affected by regular care. With the exclusive active ingredient Cicahyalumide®, Epitheliale AH Duo helps to improve scar and stretch marks , while providing immediate and lasting soothing . Leaves a moisturizing, non-greasy and non-sticky protective film that restores the comfort of fragile skin and reduces the urge to scratch .


  • permanently alleviates the feeling of tension
  • Massage will help remodel the skin
  • scars and stretch marks are less visible


The unique patented changing texture provides two levels of massage: Gel prepares the skin for a stimulating massage that contributes to improving blood flow. The oil is ideal for kneading and rolling, which softens the skin and affects collagen and elastin fibers. It contributes optimally to the renewal of the skin's skin layer.


Apply 1-2 times daily to the affected area. Massage the skin in a circular motion for a few minutes, then use the kneading and rolling technique. The product can be used as a follow-up after using Epitheliale AH Duo Ultra-Restorative Cream.

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