Bambo Dreamy Night Pants Girl 4-7 years 15-35 kg night diaper panties 10 pcs

Bambo Dreamy Night Pants Girl 4-7 years 15-35 kg night diaper panties 10 pcs


  • $38.50

Special night diaper panties for girls 4-7 years 15-35 kg. Bambo Dreamy Night Pants Girl are intended primarily for children who suffer from night urination . The panties work like real underwear, which the child can take off and put on on their own, at the same time they have all the properties of a diaper. They allow the child comfort, freedom of movement and at the same time a perfect feeling of dryness and security . The double core with super absorbent immediately turns the liquid into a gel and keeps the skin dry. Flexible sides with elastin and soft edges ensure perfect adhesion of the diaper to the body. They prevent fluid from leaking out of the diaper without restricting the baby. Outer breathable layerreduces moisture and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. The panties are dermatologically tested.

Main features:

  • the super absorbent core ensures a high absorption capacity and a dry diaper surface
  • effective barriers against urine leakage
  • sprung sides and soft edges allow the child freedom of movement
  • breathable and soft surface for maximum skin protection

Nordic eco quality

Bambo Nature diaper pants are a product of the Danish company Abena. Their quality is evidenced by the award of the prestigious Nordic eco-label SWAN. The condition for obtaining it is the fulfillment of the strictest criteria concerning the production technology and the materials used. It is not allowed to use chlorine or other organic bleaches, perfumes or any allergens during production. The main goal is to achieve maximum protection of the user and the environment during production and recycling.


Superabsorber (sodium polyacrylate, SAP), virgin cellulose fluff, elemental chlorine free ECF, Polyester/co-polyester integrated acquisition distribution layer in top sheet, white non-woven, Polypropylene (PP) coverstock, permanently hydrophilic, PP non-woven on the sides, hydrophobic, Elastane (Lycra®/Spandex), polyurethane, Breathable textile backsheet (BTBS), polyethylene (PE) foil, PP, calcium carbonate, Hotmelt (glue) sprayed between layers, based on synthetic resin, Siliconized PP, PE, polystyrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene block copolymer (SEBS), Non-sensitizing and without toxic or cancerogenic heavy-metal-containing pigments.


Use training panties as regular diapers, tear at the sides after use. Use the adhesive on the back of the diaper panties to wrap the used diaper.

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