Apotex Hemagel PROCTO 10 suppositories

Apotex Hemagel PROCTO 10 suppositories


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HemaGel PROCTO in the form of suppositories offers a unique solution to accelerate the healing of acute and chronic wounds and skin defects of the rectum.

  • HemaGel® PROCTO suppositories are used as a supportive treatment for hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum, such as painful cracks in the skin (anal fissures), cracks in the skin and mucous membranes of the rectum (rectal ragads).
  • HemaGel® PROCTO reduces pain and bleeding in the stool and speeds up healing.

Thanks to its structure, HemaGel PROCTO does not penetrate the body, it is therefore suitable for all age categories, breastfeeding and pregnant women, as well as children from 0 months of age or seniors with additional medication . Unlike other preparations, after reconstitution, HemaGel PROCTO rises further down the mucosa into the rectum and does not flow out. So you don't have to worry about getting your underwear dirty.

In the case of rectal diseases, it is especially important to take care of hygiene and care for regular stools. It is therefore necessary to drink enough fluids, eat a spicy diet and increase fiber intake.


The suppositories are inserted into the rectum, preferably after stool and after washing, once a day, preferably at night. Remove the suppository from the package and insert it into the rectum at the slight end with a rounded end.


Crosslinked copolymer of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate with polymer-linked shielded amino groups and binder whitepsol.


If the problem does not subside or worsen within 7 days, talk to your doctor.

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