Aromatica Arodubin broad spectrum spray 30 ml

Aromatica Arodubin broad spectrum spray 30 ml


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Discover the power of oak and medicinal herbs . The spray tincture is based on the astringent effect of oak bark tannins. It contains sage, radish and coneflower, which support the body 's natural defenses . You will appreciate the effects of oak when caring for irritated skin and sitting baths. It is excellent for rinsing the oral cavity and massaging the gums. Designed for adults.

Balanced mixture of oak bark and ten herbs

  • summer oak contributes to the  normal function of the upper respiratory tract , together with calendula, radish and chamomile have a positive effect on the skin
  • Sage, radish, coneflower and chamomile support the body 's  immune system
  • sage, radish, chamomile, marigold, plantain and thyme have a positive effect on the respiratory tract
  • Plantain contributes to the  normal function of the intestinal tract
  • Lavender helps normal digestion and has a positive effect on relaxation and sleep


Ethanol, water, summer oak (bark) 705 mg, sage 105 mg, radish 105 mg, chamomile (flower) 28.88 mg, thyme 28.88 mg, lanceolate (leaf) 27.83 mg, purple coneflower (flower) 27.83 mg, goldenrod (flower) 26.25 mg, lavender (flower) 26.25 mg, marigold (flower) 26.25 mg, clove (flower) 17.85 mg. The extract contains at least 57% alcohol by volume.


For oral use, apply 2-4 injections 5-20 times a day directly to the affected area. To gargle, dilute the tincture with lukewarm water in a ratio of 1: 5 and gargle. For application to the skin, spray 5-10 sprays on a piece of damp cotton wool and rub the skin. Apply 50 injections per 1 l of water to the sitting bath . Do not inhale or swallow the solution during application!


Dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. It is not a substitute for a varied diet. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Keep out of reach of children! Any fine sediment is not a defect. Shake before use. 

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