Beurer PO 80 Pulse oximeter

Beurer PO 80 Pulse oximeter


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Don't be surprised by sudden breathing problems or oxygen flow in the blood. If you are at risk of health complications in these areas, you will find out in advance with the help of the practical pulse oximeter PO 80 from Beurer. The device is easy to use, testing is painless and in a short time you have the necessary data available not only for your own domestic use, but also for a professional evaluation of your condition by a doctor.

Computer connection

The measurement process consists of recording the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in the arterial part of the bloodstream and the heart rate. The values ​​are stored in the integrated memory by a continuous record for up to 24 hours a day. If the instrument does not detect the set limit during the measurement, you will be notified by an acoustic warning signal. You can connect the device to your computer using the USB connector. After installing the supplied software, you will gain access to more detailed statistics with which you will have complete control over your health.

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