VISIOMAX daily contact lenses, -2.75 DP, 4 pairs

VISIOMAX daily contact lenses, -2.75 DP, 4 pairs


  • $35.50

  • with hyaluronic matrix
  • curvature: 8.7 / diameter: 14.2
  • with integrated UV protection
  • especially suitable for dry eyes
  • for all-day moisturizing the eyes


VISIOMAX day contact lenses are made of a particularly soft, oxygen-permeable material and a hyaluronic matrix to correct myopia. The lenses have integrated UV protection and are especially suitable in dry environments and in the case of dry eyes.
* Hyaluron is integrated in the lens and thanks to that moisture is preserved in it for a long time. The lenses will remain moist and fresh throughout the wearing. Integrated hyaluron is especially suitable for dry eyes. Less sensitive eyes initially have enough tear fluid themselves, so the noticeable comfort effect comes a little later.


8 sterile, soft daily contact lenses with 58% water, 42% HEMA / MA copolymer and hyaluron integrated in the lens (HA matrix). In phosphate buffered saline with hyaluron.

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