DIOR Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 125 ml


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Discover a two-phase eye and lip make-up remover that gently removes even the most stubborn make-up. The specially developed formula, which excels in moisturizing and soothing effects, is also very gentle on sensitive parts of the face, such as the eyes and lips. The composition consists of 98% ingredients of natural origin, including an extract from the French water lily, which is praised for its exceptional cleansing abilities.

* The amount was calculated based on ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standards, including the percentage of water. The remaining 2% of the ingredients contribute to the effectiveness, sensory appeal and stability of the formulation.

1. Before use, shake the bottle to mix the water and oil components of the makeup remover well.
2. Apply make-up remover to a cotton pad and remove make-up from the eyelids. Apply the product to a new cotton pad and press it to the lashes for a few seconds to dissolve the mascara. Then remove all makeup with gentle strokes.
3. Remove the lipstick with a new cotton pad soaked in makeup remover and clean the area around the lips.


  • OFF: The composition enriched with vegetable oils gently removes make-up from the eyes and lips.
  • ON: The caring ingredients, dominated by cleansing water lily extract, hydrate the skin. Eyelashes are stronger and sensitive parts of the face – eyes and lips – get maximum comfort and relaxation.

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