GymBeam Nero Fat Burner 120 capsules

GymBeam Nero Fat Burner 120 capsules


  • $53.50

Do you need to support weight loss, but you suffer from fatigue? GymBeam Nero Fat Burner contains green, black and white tea extracts, natural L-carnitine burner, Maca root extract and green coffee, caffeine and the enzymes bromelain and chitosan, so it stimulates your body and supports digestion. Achieve the desired figure faster and without annoying fatigue.


  • promotes fat burning
  • has a stimulating and antioxidant effect
  • helps weight loss
  • positively affects digestion and the whole body
  • contains tea extracts, L-carnitine, Maca root extracts and green coffee
  • 218 mg caffeine per capsule

Recommended daily dose:
If you suffer from heart, kidney, thyroid or hypertension, consult your doctor before taking.

Method of preparation/use (dosage):
  • Take 2 times a day.
  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Take in the morning.
  • Take before meals.
  • Follow the instructions on the package.
By purpose Weight reduction
Form Capsule
Dispensing mode Food supplement
Allergens does not contain allergens
Allergens – contains traces does not contain traces of allergens
Flavor no flavor

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