Dentaren gum gel 22g


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Dentaren gel promotes healing in the oral cavity of dogs and cats. An ideal supplement for the treatment of minor injuries to the mouth of animals, including treatment after tartar or tearing teeth.

How does Dentaren help?

After application, Dentaren gel forms a protective film that retains the active substances in the wound and accelerates healing. At the same time, it prevents the development of microbial infection. The film also prevents painful irritation and the animal can eat or sleep without pain.

  • after surgery (tooth extraction, removal of tartar ...)
  • for minor injuries in the mouth (chewing sharp objects ..)
  • for bites and burns

Apply Dentaren on the finger and apply directly to the injured gums of the dog or cat in a thin layer. Apply the gel to the wound 2 - 3 times a day until complete healing. The diet should be supplemented with probiotics and prebiotics.

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