Inlight BIO Rosemary & Hypericum Recovery Balm 45 ml


  • $62.50

Inlight BIO Recovery balm for muscles and joints was developed by a physician, homeopath and clinical phytotherapy specialist MUDr. Marian Spieziou. This bio treasure contains a unique combination of rosemary, St. John's wort and other ingredients known for its ability to effectively relieve muscle and joint pain. The ideal helper with 100% bio-composition quickly absorbs into the skin and offers a natural alternative to analgesic ointments. The combination of 100% organic oils with 100% organic hand-made plant extracts (liquorice, St. John's wort, rosemary, thyme extract, etc.) along with 100% organic essential oils (incense, rosemary, ginger and lavender) is well known for its unique results. This product has been developed to suit sensitive skin and, thanks to its unique 100% organic composition, is suitable for all ages.


Vegetable liquorice extracts , St. John's wort, Rosemary, Thyme extract


Apply the balm regularly to strained or stretched muscles or painful joints and massage with circular movements.


If you are concerned about a possible allergic reaction to any of the natural ingredients, apply a small amount of balsam to a small area of ​​healthy skin (for example, the wrist) and leave for 24 hours before applying the balsam to the problematic areas.

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