KLORANE Bébé Maman Stretch Oil 200 ml + Washing Gel 75 ml -

KLORANE Bébé Maman Stretch Oil 200 ml + Washing Gel 75 ml


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Maman Stretch Oil: A composition of nourishing and emollient oils . It is intended for regular care from the first trimester of pregnancy and during breast-feeding. Increases the elasticity of the skin , making it more resistant to stretching. It corrects newly formed stretch marks and prevents the formation of others. Nourishes, moisturizes and relieves itching . It is easily absorbed and smells of flowers. 98% of the ingredients of plant origin.

Washing Gel: Contains organic marigold extracts . Suitable for normal skin and hair. It is ideal for babies and infants . Moisturizing ingredients provide skin protection against drying. After washing, the hair is easy to comb and has a pleasant floral scent. It does not sting in the eyes.


Maman Stretch Oil: Apply 1-2 times daily during pregnancy and lactation. Focus on problematic areas (abdomen, hips, breasts, thighs). Wipe the nipples carefully before breast-feeding.

Washing Gel: Foam gently on moistened skin and wet hair. Then rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.


Maman Stretch Oil: Kartham and Evening Primrose Oil (Omega 6), Flaxseed Oil (Omega 6), Vitamin E, Perfume, Phenoxyethanol Free, Alcohol and Essential Oils Free.

Washing gel: Hypoallergenic composition with marigold extracts. It has a very delicate aroma and is biodegradable.

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