Magister Doskar VET 19 Strength Drops 50 ml

Magister Doskar VET 19 Strength Drops 50 ml

Magister Doskar

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Homeopathic medicinal specialty

Conventional conventional medicine and homeopathic remedies are not opposites. They can and must often be used in parallel as a supplement. 

In the series of homeopathic combination remedies from Magister Doskar you will also find homeopathic drops especially for animals, which can bring lasting improvement to many of the ailments that occur in everyday life. Animals are soul beings and are much more directly at the mercy of their feelings than humans. Homeopathy can offer valuable support here. 

The series of homeopathic combination remedies by Magister Doskar was developed together with the Graz doctor and homeopath Dr. Siegfried Wagner developed. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor, homeopath or pharmacist. 

Chininum arsenicosum 
A tonic in convalescence. 

Avena sativa 
, the essence of the fresh flowering oat plant, has long been known as a nerve tonic and has a roborative effect in low potencies (< D1) after illnesses with dehydration. It has proven its worth when male breeding animals are overexerted during the mating season. 

In the homeopathic sense, ginseng 
is used in particular as a remedy for nervous exhaustion and sexual weakness. 

China, cinchona 
bark is a valued remedy in homeopathy when it comes to the consequences of diseases. In addition, there is a special relationship with the digestive processes, where it can intervene in a regulating and activating manner and thus plays an important part in the healing and strengthening process. 

Acidum phosphoricum, phosphoric acid 
is used in states of exhaustion. 

a tonic for exhaustion and exertion as well as for sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Signs of physical wear and tear occur after excessive physical exertion, so that mild support for developing bodily functions can be helpful. 

The drugs mentioned and their drug pictures result in an activation of the self-healing tendency of the organism. 

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