Bano Arlberger Murmelin sports and joint ointment - 200 ml

Bano Arlberger Murmelin sports and joint ointment - 200 ml


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Marmot oil ointment with menthol, arnica extract and mountain pine oil supports the joints and promotes blood circulation after sport and physical exertion. 

Murmelin was developed around 40 years ago in the Arlberg pharmacy in St. Anton/Arlberg - since then it has mainly been sold in pharmacies, which speaks for the excellent effectiveness of this ointment.

For whom is marmot suitable?

In addition to people with joint problems and various complaints in the musculoskeletal system, many athletes such as mountain bikers, runners and hikers use Murmelin after physical exertion and sport. The tube in particular is easy to transport in any backpack and can be taken anywhere.


Applied 2 to 3 times a day to the affected area, the ointment works within a short time. Murmelin is easy to apply, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. Murmelin is also ideal for massages. A curative application over 4 weeks is optimal.

A combination with our "marmot oil (pure marmot oil)" increases the effectiveness.

The contained mountain pine oil gives it the typical, pleasant smell that is unique on the market.


Marmot oil has long been used for sore muscles, lumbago, musculoskeletal strain and to help maintain healthy joints, tendons and muscles. 

Mountain pine oil and arnica both have a blood circulation-enhancing and relaxing effect on muscles and joints. Menthol, the main ingredient in peppermint, provides the cooling effect and also stimulates blood circulation, is relaxing and slightly pain-relieving.

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