NU-GEL hydrogel dressing with alginate 25 g -

NU-GEL hydrogel dressing with alginate 25 g


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NU-GEL is an alginate hydrogel dressing designed to remove necrotic tissue and peel off wound and to treat chronic wounds at all stages of healing.

Detailed product information

NU-GEL is a clear hydroactive amorphous gel containing sodium alginate. Hydrogel creates a moist environment necessary for wound healing, which helps to naturally clean the wound, while the alginate component enhances its absorbency. The gel can be used to soften and hydrate eschar by facilitating wound rehydration.

NU-GEL rehydrates necrotic tissue and coated wound, supports wound cleansing and granulation. If an infection occurs in the wound, appropriate antimicrobial treatment should be used. The hydrogel can then continue to be used, but only under the supervision of a physician.


Carefully clean the wound beforehand and dry the skin around. Apply a hydrogel at least 5 mm thick on the wound and cover with a suitable secondary dressing. 

You can rinse the wound with sterile saline to clean it. Depending on the amount of wound secretion, the NU-GEL® hydrogel can be left in the wound for up to 3 days. If a secondary dressing leaks, replace the NU-GEL® hydrogel.


NU-GEL® contains propylene glycol, which can cause irritation or sensitization in a small number of patients. When observing such a reaction, the use of NU-GEL® hydrogel must be discontinued.

Hydrogel is for single use only.

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