Medpharma Baby Sun Lotion SPF50 200 ml + 30 ml FREE

Medpharma Baby Sun Lotion SPF50 200 ml + 30 ml FREE


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Soft and sensitive baby skin is exposed to sunlight throughout the day during the summer. However, the sun's rays weaken it very much and there is a risk of burning. Protect your children against UVA and UVB with high SPF 50 sun lotion. In addition to UV filters, the milk also contains vitamin E, panthenol and aloe vera to help keep baby skin soft and smooth.


  • protects the skin from the sun
  • keeps baby skin soft and soft


Apply to your children's whole body approximately 15–30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Massage gently into the skin and allow to absorb thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. To ensure maximum protection throughout the sunbathing, apply the cream repeatedly in the same way immediately after bathing, towel drying or excessive sweating.


Suntan lotion has a special formula that is suitable for children from birth and does not irritate sensitive baby skin. It combines active substances, physical and chemical UV filters to protect the skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation. Even after long hours in the sun, children 's skin remains soft and soft thanks to the content of vitamin E, panthenol and aloe vera. The cream will leave a fine white film after application to the skin, so you will know when the baby is protected and when the milk needs to be re-applied to avoid skin burns.

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