Baby calm 15 ml natural concentrate drops -

Baby calm 15 ml natural concentrate drops


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BabyCalm - Your little one will change beyond recognition.

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Have you tried homeopathic? And how about drops from BabyCalm's natural resources? Your little one will change beyond recognition - you have a contented crumb from a tearful baby. 

BabyCalm is sugar and alcohol free, does not contain preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. 
BabyCalm drops can be given to children from the first month of age - 10 drops before each meal, but can be applied more often as needed, because they are 100% natural drops. 

After opening, the product must be diluted with distilled or infant water. Make up 15 ml of the concentrate with distilled or infant water up to the mark on the label (top of the label). Applicability of the product is 4 weeks after opening and dilution.
Glycerin, fennel oil, aniseed oil and mint oil: less than 1%, drops free of sugar and alcohol, contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial coloring.

Not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of the reach of children!
Pack of
15 ml concentrate

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