Dentiste Oil Drawing Treatment (14 x 7.5 ml)

Dentiste Oil Drawing Treatment (14 x 7.5 ml)


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  • Seven selected oils: coconut oil fights caries bacteria, sesame oil works deep in the tissue. Olive oil cleans the mouth, lemongrass oil has a calming effect. Tea tree oil is antibacterial. Peppermint oil and clove works against throat and tooth inflammation
  • Optimal mix: the mixture of the seven oils for oil pulling was developed by a pharmacist and tested by many enthusiastic customers. The selected balance ensures good taste and high effect at the same time. This makes mouth pulling oil a pleasure
  • Teeth and mouth care – the oil pulling mixture fights bacteria in the mouth, nourishes teeth and gums and helps against bad breath. The dental oil binds bacteria in the mouth and has a detoxifying effect on the entire body. With antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Sustainable treatment – oil for oil pulling is traditionally practiced as an Ayurvedic beauty ritual and is deeply loved due to its diverse beauty effects. The natural alternative to mouthwash can be used daily or as a cure
  • Best containers: Our drawing oil mixture is a natural product and is made with selected, naturally pure oils. Easy to clean and easy to use

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