Omorovicza Queen Essence 100 ml

Omorovicza Queen Essence 100 ml


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Prepare skin for aftercare with an essence to moisturize, puff and protect

Better lock and retain moisture will help the skin moisturizing essence Omorovicza Queen Essence. With extremely strong, deep moisturizing effects, it ensures skin gets softness, elasticity and a plump, fresh, youthful appearance. In addition, it provides all-round protection both antioxidant and against damage caused by polluted environments. What's more, it will ideally prepare the skin for the application of serum and cream, whose effectiveness will be maximized thanks to the essence.


  • deeply moisturizes, soothes, helps the skin to retain moisture better
  • maximizes efficiency and improves the absorption of aftercare (serum, cream)
  • Leaves skin soft, supple, giving it a plump, fresh, youthful look
  • protects it from oxidation and damage caused by environmental pollution
  • Has a soft, liquid texture that glides smoothly over skin when applied
  • is suitable for all skin types


  • extract from the "snow" jelly mushroom (Tremella fuciformis) – has extremely strong, deeply moisturizing effects, helps the skin to bind and retain moisture, soothes and softens the skin
  • tomato stem cells – provide antioxidant and air pollution protection, strengthen the skin's defenses and prevent premature aging
  • hyaluronic acid – binds and locks moisture, intensively moisturizes, supports the proper functioning of cells, leaves the skin firmed, elastic and filled
  • patented CONCENTRATE™ – mineral elixir from Budapest thermal waters, promotes collagen synthesis, protects the skin from signs of aging, improves cell repair and regeneration

How to apply:
Moisturizing essence with hyaluronic acid Omorovicza Queen Essence should be applied in the morning and/or evening after cleansing the skin. Put a few drops in your palm, rub both hands between them, and then press them to your face. After application, wait a few seconds so that the essence is properly absorbed, then continue with the application of serum and moisturizer.

Skin type for all skin types, wrinkles and mature skin
Effect anti-age, brightening, protection against external influences, strengthening
When to use for day and night
Active substances hyaluronic acid

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