Ralph Lauren Safari Men Eau de toilette for men 125 ml

Ralph Lauren

  • $159.50

Ralph Lauren Safari Men eau de toilette is a men's perfume that comes from the workshops of the American fashion dome Ralph Lauren. From the beginning, the company has built on elegance inspired by the style of the British aristocracy and on the attention to detail that leads its products to an absolutely perfect look and, in the case of Ralph Lauren perfumes, fragrance. In these footsteps goes and perfume Safari Men, which was introduced to the world in 1992.V perfume stands out several different moods.

But the main link remains adventure and courage. Let yourself be carried away from the daily routine and grayness and try this small trip to the countryside, where there is a lot of familiar, expected, but also always find something new, fresh, surprising. Thanks to the combination of several consecutive aroma classes, the idea of a trip becomes a reality. Perfume will take you along the path leading through the Safari and give you a taste of everyone. The fragrance will be appreciated especially by those who are looking for strongly masculine perfumes that are suitable for a mature individual who is sure of himself and his place, but is not afraid of new challenges.

The fragrant composition of Safari Men eau de toilette opens with delicate herbaceous-spicy notes of fresh basil, rosemary and tarragon, which are complemented and combined with a floral scent of lavender. Gradually, darker tones are represented by warm oriental cedar, which is sharpened with cloves. The finish and background of the perfume is the uplifting scent of sandalwood, fresh tobacco and vetiver. Surprisingly, the aroma of the skin arches over everything, which awakens the basic instincts of man. Overall, the fragrance is more suitable for colder and winter days or for important social events, when its nature stands out.

The elegant tone of the whole perfume certainly includes a bottle that looks like a luxury whiskey bottle, which definitely belonged to the basic equipment of every English gentleman who decided to explore the African Safari and show his adventurous spirit. This perfume gives you the same opportunity.

basil, lavender, rosemary
cedar, cloves
leather, sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver
Type of fragrance floral, green

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