Sanohra Fly Earplugs for kids 1 pair

Sanohra Fly Earplugs for kids 1 pair

Sanohra Fly

  • $45.50

Safe flight for you and your children.

  • For children from one year of age and adults with small ear canals
  • Against earache when flying
  • Protects the ears from pressure changes

Earaches, which have suddenly occurred after landing by plane and still persist, spoil sunbathing on the palm beach, interfere with sightseeing in a pulsating metropolis or affect the important business appointment. For some air travelers, these complaints occur on every flight, while for others only once in a while.

Especially during the take-off and landing phase, the ear is exposed to changing pressure conditions in the flight cabin. Sanohra fly has been specially developed to protect the ear from rapidly increasing air pressure. A pressure regulator integrated into the earplug limits the increase in pressure in front of the eardrum.
The pressure, which increases in a few minutes, is evenly distributed over a longer period of time.

Application Note:

At startup: If you have problems with earache during take-off, you should use Sanohra fly before the aircraft takes off. After 30 minutes, Sanohra fly can be removed again, as the pressure conditions are usually constant when the aircraft has reached cruising altitude.
When landing: Sanohra fly should be deployed no later than 45 minutes before landing. Do not wait until the landing is announced, as then usually an increase in pressure has already begun. By chewing, swallowing or yawning, the pressure equalization can be additionally supported.

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