Aptus PRO SPORT DOG paste 100g

Aptus PRO SPORT DOG paste 100g


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Sport, service, rescue and hunting dogs, dogs at shows, dogs with one-time physical activity - Aptus Pro Sport paste is suitable for everyone.
In intensively working or stressed dogs, there is a significant increase in the risk of muscle damage during muscle work. The purpose of using Aptus PRO SPORT DOG paste is to alleviate or completely reduce the damage and loss of muscle mass while using fat stores.

sunflower oil 35.62%
salmon oil 27%
protein hydrolyzate 14%
glyceryl monostearate 8%
maltodextrin 7.3%
olive oil 6%

Aptus PRO SPORT DOG is intended for administration during, during and after the procedure. One paste with a volume of 100 g is designed for 30 kg of dog weight. For smaller and larger dogs, recalculate the dose according to their weight. Dosage examples according to dog weight:
10 kg 1/3 tubes
15 kg 1/2 tubes
20 kg 2/3 tubes
60 kg 2 tubes

The total dose can be given as a single dose or in several smaller doses (2-3 doses) and given directly into the mouth, or mixed in the feed.

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