Verm-X Natural granules against intestinal parasites for dogs 325 g

Verm-X Natural granules against intestinal parasites for dogs 325 g


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Natural product for dogs against intestinal parasites. Are you looking for a natural alternative to the classic deworming of pets? Do you want to avoid administering other chemical products in an already chemical and over-technical world? Just for you and your pets, we have an ideal, healthy and at the same time tasty solution! Classic deworming pills work on the principle of chemical killing of parasites and their subsequent elimination from the body. The problem is that classic deworming gets rid of only 70-80% of parasites and certainly not all. Another disadvantage is the fact that classic deworming does not protect the animal for a long time and the effect disappears very shortly after deworming. In fact, a situation may arise that the animal becomes infected a few days after deworming, and until the next application, the parasites in the organism happily multiply. However, Verm-X® works on the basis of pure nature, namely herbs. Verm-X® is hypoallergenic and grain free. As everyone may know, even wild animals know how to use herbs and consume them on their own, knowing that they are beneficial to their health. We have selected a mixture of suitable herbs for your pets, which create an inhospitable environment for parasites in the intestine and help to create a favorable intestinal microflora. Verm-X® also contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and trace natural substances, which improves the condition and health of the animal and detoxifies the body. Verm-X® is made in the form of a tasty crunchy treat, so your animals will be happy and happy to receive it. 100% natural origin of all raw materials used, which are grown naturally and organically. Verm-X® is also approved worldwide for use in organic farming. Verm-X® is sold in more than 30 countries around the world.

Verm-X® creates an environment in the intestines and digestive system that can be used to prevent various diseases and intestinal parasites. By regularly administering Verm-X®, the environment in the digestive system will be constantly maintained and will create constant protection. Unlike other pharmaceutical products, which have an overly aggressive cleansing effect, Verm-X® is very gentle on the digestive system of animals.

The Verm-X® formula has been developed in collaboration with renowned botanists, nutritionists and veterinarians. The combination of specially selected herbs in Verm-X® products inconspicuously changes the balance of the digestive system, starts intestinal peristalsis and paralyzes parasites. If any parasites are already present in the body of animals, they are naturally expelled. Paralyzed parasites thus travel out of the body at the moment of naturally induced emptying. Natural deworming is observed from the behavior of the wolf, which can intuitively deal with parasites.

It often happens that worms are immune (they are not 100% killed) to chemical anthelmintic drugs. Worms, usually roundworms, then after a few weeks are again present in the digestive tract. The deworming effect of chemical anthelmintic drugs is limited in time, their negative side effect is the toxicity of the animal organism (malaise, vomiting, diarrhea, load on the kidneys, liver, the risk of developing allergies and skin problems, disruption of the intestinal microflora) and potential resistance of endoparasites.

Verm-X® is based on herbs and does not burden any important organs such as the liver and kidneys - it has no side effects like chemical anthelmintics. The herbs that are used in Verm-X® products have been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and so far there are no cases of resistance. By taking Verm-X®, it is naturally formed in the digestive tract.act of animals inhospitable environment with an indefinite deworming effect, without toxic effects on the organism of animals and without the risk of developing resistance of flat worms. Verm-X® is also effective as a chemical anthelmintic.

The herbs used in Verm-X® were chosen primarily for their effective effect, but they offer other great and important benefits for the health of the animal. They contain a complex of vitamins, minerals and trace natural substances that improve the condition and health of the animal and promote detoxification of the body. Regular administration of Verm-X® will help dogs prepare an autoimmune system in their organism against internal parasites and parasitological diseases. Verm-X® is available in the form of daily granules, tastes like a traditional treat and is suitable for feeding throughout the year.

Dosage and method of use

Dosage all year round:
- small breeds - 2 granules per day
- medium breeds - 4 granules per day
- large breeds - 6 granules per day

Puppies aged 3 - 6 months give half the dose. The dose for an adult individual can be administered only from the age of 6 months. A 100g pack lasts 1 month for 1 small dog. In circumstances requiring a double dose, it can be safely administered within 14 days.


Brown rice, poultry meal, refined chicken fat, beet pulp, potatoes, potato starch, cinnamon, thyme, peppermint, garlic, quassia, chilli, fennel, snail, nettle, elm, brewer's yeast, chicken liver, salmon oil, seaweed, green tea extract, FOS prebiotics, MOS prebiotics, minerals and vitamins.

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