ALIVER Kontryhel 90 capsules

ALIVER Kontryhel 90 capsules


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Buttercup ( Alchemilla Vulgaris)
ALIVER Buttercup is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which contains a 4: 1 extract in premium quality. For centuries, women have relied on the natural power and effects of a wild plant known as buttercup or Lady's Mantle. Buttercup  is suitable for women from puberty to menopause. Supports normal menstrual and ovulatory cycle.

Because life is not waiting

100% natural helper with Kontryhel

The main effects of Kontryhel

Helps refresh the body

Supports normal menstrual and ovulatory cycle

It contributes to (pre) menstrual and menopausal comfort

Made from premium quality ingredients
90 capsules / 500 mg

  • 100% pure Alchemilla Vulgaris extract
  • Highly concentrated 4: 1 ratio with many times stronger effect than conventional butterbur powder
  • Soft, easily absorbed capsule
  • Free of artificial ingredients, sugar, gluten, aroma, dyes and preservatives

Dosage and method of use

Recommended dosage:
1-2 capsules daily, in the morning before meals. Drink plenty of water.

Recommended length of treatment: Continuously at least 3 months. Can be used for a long time.


Alchemilla vulgaris extract 10: 1, maltodextrin, soft gelatin capsule.


Store at a temperature of 15 - 25 ° C.

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