DHV Shuya Night pads 8 pcs

DHV Shuya Night pads 8 pcs

DHV Shuya

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Eight exceptional layers created for health:

  1. LAYER - a surface of pure silk and soft cotton, which allows three times faster absorption than conventional pads
  2. LAYER - worldwide patented invention = layer with a unique triple combination - active oxygen + long-wave infrared radiation "qi" + anions (negatively charged molecules), which strengthens health, immunity, destroys bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odors
  3. LAYER - a breathable layer that ensures fast moisture wicking
  4. LAYER - a superabsorbent layer that converts a liquid into a gel without changing its volume and maintaining the correct pH, which is essential for health
  5. LAYER - a breathable layer allowing the dispersion of water molecules in the gaseous state, thus ensuring rapid removal of moisture and heat from the space between the pad and the skin
  6. LAYER - air-permeable soft cotton, which covers the insert on its underside
  7. LAYER - breathable top layer allowing free airflow
  8. LAYER - easily applicable all-adhesive surface with ecological glue


Exceptional features of Shuya Health products:


  • improves the breathability of the sanitary napkin, speeds up its circulation between intimate areas and the surface
  • additionally speeds up oxygen exchange, removes harmful bacteria and keeps the intimate environment clean

ANIONS (negatively charged molecules)

  • Due to their exceptional properties, they were named "air vitamins" or "elements of eternity".
  • strengthen the immune system, have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal effect, which eliminates unpleasant odors
  • relieve tension and improve immunity (our health depends on the amount of anions in our environment)
  • Shuya Health products contain up to 6,100 anions per cm3


The main and largest source of Far-IR radiation is solar energy, called "qi" in Chinese medicine. If the Far-IR energy level is high enough, the body feels healthy and more resistant to pathogens.


  • By cleaning the blood, it improves its condition, prevents the clotting of red blood cells, regenerates and oxygenates cells
  • improves cell renewal, supply of white blood cells to cells, flushes out fats, chemicals and other toxic substances


Shuya Health product specifications:

  • 100% fine cotton
  • prevent leakage
  • breathable surface
  • ultra thin
  • without chemical substances
  • hermetically sealed

Package : 8pcs

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