About Us

 My Dr. XM was born in Czech Republic in 2015. Is a family business, located in the heart of Europe. Company registration Number in Czech Republic IČ: 09451323

Our main goal, to provide affordable, yet highest quality products, such as Organic vitamins and food supplements, cosmetics, pet care products and so much more.

We only sell products made in European Union Countries, while preserving highest quality standards. All the products also approved by tough EU health regulations.

We strive to ship out each order same or next business day, although, sometimes it could take up to 3 business days to ship out the order. We ship the products anywhere in world. Free shipping is included for any product in our store.


- We guarantee the best value, best quality and fast delivery of your order.

- We guarantee the freshness of our products. All products have expiration date between 1 to 3 years ahead.

- We guarantee, that only authentic and real product reviews will appear on our website, from real customers who bough from us. This ensures accurate and honest reviews to help you make a smart buying choice.

- We guarantee clean and climate-controlled warehouse, so our products are stored in correct and safe way.

- We guarantee customer privacy at the highest level. We do not process, keep or store any of your payment information. Personal information will never be transferred to any third-party. We also guarantee full compliance with European Union GDPR Privacy laws.


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