âme pure Induction Therapy ™ Intensive Stretch Mark gel 80ml

âme pure Induction Therapy ™ Intensive Stretch Mark gel 80ml

âme pure

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Get rid of unsightly stretch marks once and for all. Use Pme Pure Induction Therapy ™ Intensive Stretch Mark and you will immediately know that you have found exactly what you have been looking for for so long. In addition to effectively reducing stretch marks and preventing new ones, it also softens the visibility of scars and restores the skin's firmness and elasticity. You will see the first results after only 2 weeks. Its effects have been demonstrated in a number of clinical studies.


  • reduces the visibility of stretch marks, scars and discoloration on the skin
  • it also acts as a prevention against the emergence of new stretch marks
  • the first visible results after only 2 weeks of use
  • restores the skin and restores its firmness and elasticity
  • smoothes the surface of the skin and adds hydration

Test results:
→ after 8 weeks of use

  • more than 50% reduction in stretch mark length
  • more than 60% reduction in stretch mark width
  • more than 70% reduction in stretch mark color
  • 44% increase in skin elasticity
  • when applying the gel after using CIT Body Roller, collagen production is increased by 200%


  • 7% of active ingredients, of which 2% Betox-93® - reduces redness and improves skin regeneration processes after the microneedle procedure
  • dermatologically tested
  • without sulphates, phthalates, silicones, GMOs

How to apply:
Pme Pure Induction Therapy Gel gel is intended for use after skin treatment with the Pme Pure CIT Body Roller. Apply the gel to the treated areas immediately after the procedure. The gel increases its effects and soothes the skin. If the feeling of warm skin and redness persists, repeat the application of the gel (total 2-5 ×).

The gel can also be used alone as a skin care with stretch marks or to soothe irritation (eg after excessive sun exposure). Always apply to clean skin. Then it is possible to apply additional hydrating care as needed.

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