BIONE Nourishing skin cream CHAMOMILE 51 ml

BIONE Nourishing skin cream CHAMOMILE 51 ml


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Nourishing cream with chamomile and coenzyme Q10, with a high content of antioxidants - resveratrol and vitamin E. Contains chamomile extract with active substances such as azulenes, apigenin, quercetin, bisabolol, matrix, lactones, glycosides and other ingredients beneficial for skin toning and soothing .

Chamomile extract is popular in the care of eczematous and damaged skin. Protects against skin aging and wrinkles due to free oxygen radicals. The present panthenol, glycerin and urea retain water in the skin, allantoin is used for its revitalizing ability. Coenzyme Q10 with carnosine are popular active anti-wrinkle ingredients, optimizing cellular "breathing". With resveratrol, chamomile and Q10 - against the flow of time. Protection, nutrition, regeneration - by natural force. With a light allergen-free fragrance.

Regularly apply the cream in a thin layer on the skin, neck, décolleté, etc. in the morning or in the evening. It is suitable as a nourishing and protective base for make-up, shadows, powder, etc. The cream is exceptionally soft and easy to apply. Friendly to you and nature. The cream is made in a BIO formulation, does not contain silicones, petroleum products, ethoxylates or parabens. Unique composition without preservatives.

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