Ecce Vita Herbal tea Women 50+, 50 g

Ecce Vita Herbal tea Women 50+, 50 g

Ecce Vita

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A mixture of herbs according to the original Ecce Vita recipe to support mature women.

For this mixture, we used herbs that refresh the body, support the cardiovascular system, menopausal comfort and digestion.

Crane bird refreshes the body, supports immunity. Meadow clover promotes normal bone condition, blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular system, promotes menopausal comfort. Buttercup supports the normal condition of joints and muscles. It refreshes the body, helps maintain the normal functioning of the vascular system, helps with the feeling of "heavy legs". Pink stonecrop is one of the adaptogens that support the nervous system, help with fatigue and stress. Mountain satureja is one of the antioxidants and supports immunity. Rotating hops is an antioxidant, helping to ensure menopausal comfort and normal blood cholesterol levels. It supports good sleep and the nervous system. Marigold supports digestion, liver and intestinal function and refreshes the body.

Content: 50 g


1-3 cups a day. In the case of three cups a day, drink 6-8 weeks. In the case of one cup a day, you can drink 3-4 months.


Sorbus aucuparia (Bird's Crane) , Trifolium pratense (Meadow Clover) , Callendula officinalis (Marigold) , Alchemilla vulgaris ( Common Buttercup) , Humulus lupulus (Rotating Hops) , Aronia melanocarpa (Black- fruited Clover ) , Rhodiola rosea (Pink Stonecrop) , montana (Mountain Satureja ) , Agropyron repens (Creeping Python) , Turnera diffusa (Decomposing Pastala)

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