Energy Renol herbal concentrate 30 ml

Energy Renol herbal concentrate 30 ml


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Renol is a dietary supplement in the form of drops. This broad-spectrum herbal regenerating preparation is a highly concentrated product containing herbal extracts, essential oils and bioinformation ingredients.

The thorny needle and Goldenrod support the proper function of metabolism and the normal function of the urinary tract and prostate.
Heather contributes to the relaxation of the body.
Wormwood contributes to emotional balance, relaxation and good mood and also supports normal kidney and prostate function.
Without black and burdock, they contribute to normal blood glucose levels and natural defenses.
Lichořeřišnice and Vrbovka malokvětá support the kidneys and the bladder.
Sporýš medical supports the normal function of the gallbladder and intestinal tract.

The package contains 30 ml.

Recommended dosage: For adults 2-7 drops 1-3 times a day, for children from 12 years 7 drops per day, children from 3 years 2 drops per day (7 drops = 0.35 ml).
After three weeks of use, a weekly break is required before the next treatment. Shake before use. We recommend increasing your fluid intake while taking the product.


The product contains: herbal extract (thorny needles, heather, wormwood, without black, greater burdock, greater licorice, blackcurrant, stink bug, three-parted toothpick, bird's-foot-trefoil, goldenrod, common turan, elm, willowherb and willowherb ), a mixture of natural essential oils (anise, lemon, grapefruit, guaiac, juniper, camphor, cardamom, litse, mandarin, spinach and ginger).

Dose composition 7 drops:: Herbal extract 82.6% [Verbena officinalis (radix) 0.035 ml, Calluna vulgaris (herbac / fl.) 0.029 ml, Solidago virgaurea (herba) 0.029 ml, Artemisia dracunculus (herba) 0.023 ml, Erigeron canadensis (herba) 0.023 ml, Ribes nigrum (folium) 0.023 ml, Arctium lappa (radix) 0.020 ml, Bidens tripartita (herba) 0.017 ml, Polygonum aviculare (herba) 0.017 ml, Sambucus nigra (flos) 0.017 ml, Tropaeolum majus (tot .) 0,017 ml, Epilobium parviflorum (herba) 0,014 ml, Filipendula ulmaria (herba) 0,012 ml, Geranium robertianum (herba) 0,012 ml, Onosis spinosa (radix) 0,012 ml], sorbitol - thickener, cellulose - thickener, water, xanthan - thickener, potassium sorbate - preservative, mixture of essential oils 0.12%, grapefruit extract <0.0001%.


The product is not intended for children under 3 years. Use during pregnancy and lactation consult your doctor.

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