Fitmin dog Purity Digestion and detoxification - tablets 70 pcs

Fitmin dog Purity Digestion and detoxification - tablets 70 pcs


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Poor digestion of a dog does not pay to be underestimated. If your dog has digestive problems, it is advisable to solve them. One of the options is the administration of a food supplement for dogs Fitmin dog Purity Digestion and detoxification - tablets of 70 pieces, which support the detoxification of the body and can support the beneficial intestinal microflora. Soothes digestion in case of digestive problems  such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, etc., during the planned deworming of the dog and during the period when you transfer it to new food. Thanks to the content of humic acids (Humac), Chlorella, brewer's yeast, prebiotics, probiotics and other active substances, it has a positive effect on the digestive tract of dogs. The nutritional supplement of the Czech traditional company FITMIN can improve the condition of the digestive tract and prevent the occurrence of digestive problems of your dog's pet.

Key features Fitmin dog Purity Digestion and detoxification - tablets 70 pcs

  • An excellent food supplement for dogs to soothe digestion and detoxify
  • Effective support of detoxification of the organism and formation of beneficial intestinal microflora
  • Content of humic acids, prebiotics and probiotics in FITMIN dog Purity tablets Digestion and detoxification
  • The tablets work for diarrhea, gastroenteritis and other digestive problems
  • Suitable for deworming or feed change
  • Quality supplement for dog food of the traditional Czech brand FITMIN


The supplement should be administered regularly, preferably twice a day (the number of tablets should be divided into two portions, ie a dog weighing 10 kg should receive 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening).

Dog weight / number of tablets
Up to 5 kg / 0.5 tablets . + 0.5 tbl.
Up to 10 kg / 1 tablet. + 1 tbl.
Up to 20 kg / 2 tablets. + 2 tbl.
Up to 50 kg / 3 tablets. + 3 tbl.
Over 50 kg / 4 tablets. + 4 tbl.
Over 80 kg / 5 tablets. + 5 tbl.

In acute diarrheal conditions, up to twice the dose can be used.
In individuals with diarrhea, sufficient fluid intake must be ensured so that any dehydration of the organism does not occur. In the case of medication, it is advisable to administer the supplement no earlier than 2 hours after oral administration of the drugs. If co-administered, humic acids could affect the effectiveness of some medicines. In these cases, it is also recommended to consult a veterinarian about the use of the supplement.


Leonardite 70%, brewer's yeast, Chlorella algae, inactivated yeast of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae 9.8%

Analytical components:
crude protein 13%, crude oils and fats 1%, crude fiber 5.5%, crude ash 11.4%

Additives / 1kg:
Microorganisms - Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 10415) 2 × 1010 CFU


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