Fridababy Windi rectal catheter 10pcs

Fridababy Windi rectal catheter 10pcs


  • $35.50

Windi is a hollow tube invented by doctors that safely, naturally and immediately relieves flatulence and soothes colic - without the need to ingest drops or other medications!
Clinically tested. Easy and safe to use. Recyclable. Free of latex and BPA (a harmful organic compound from the group of bisphenols commonly used in the production of plastics).

The package contains 10 rectal catheters.

Dosage and method of use

1. Gently massage the baby's tummy down to the buttocks.
2. Lubricate the Windi tip with a lubricant - eg coconut oil, but any lubricant can be used.
3. Lift the baby's legs and prepare a diaper.
4. Gently insert the Windi into the baby's buttocks (just like the rectal thermometer). Wait a few seconds, you should hear a whistle. No sound? Massage the abdomen again and repeat steps 3-4. When you're done, take Windi out and throw them out.


Do not leave the Windi rectal catheter in the baby's rectum!
Once you use Windi, always throw it away after use. Reusing the same Windi catheter may pose a risk of infection.
Do not use the Windi rectal catheter more than three times in 24 hours on your baby.

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