YO Home sperm test kit for Android, Mac & PC


  • $125.50

Male fertility test, accurate to 97%, testing takes approximately 45 minutes, YO test set is 100% discreet, YO test results are not stored anywhere in the mobile, but safely in the YO archive, YO score evaluation is reflected from 4% sperm share with normal build-up and 58% live sperm

The YO home test kit for male fertility automatically examines your spermiogram with 97% accuracy , all without unnecessary stress. The kit uses a mobile application or PC / MAC for testing, and after inserting the sample into the analyzer, a live preview of sperm movement is displayed while the application counts healthy and active individuals. The result is then compared with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Key Features of the YO Home Sperm Test Kit for Men

  • The YO test set is 100% discrete
  • The package contains accessories for performing 2 tests
  • The evaluation of the YO score is reflected from a 4% share of sperm with normal structure and a 58% share of live sperm
  • Secure storage of results in the YO archive
  • Results and videos can be viewed and managed at will
  • Mobile application YO Home Sperm Test free download
  • Testing takes approximately 45 minutes
  • Compatible with Android, MAC and PC systems

Guarantee of reliability and discretion

After analyzing the sample, the test will determine the concentration of moving sperm and the YO score, which is an indicator of your fertility potential. You can also use the results, for example, for a consultation with your doctor. Each package is carefully tested in advance , which guarantees maximum reliability and safety.

The Yo home test kit has received CE certification and its reliability has been tested in extensive tests that have been passed by over 300 FDA test participants.

2 tests included in the package

In the package you will find YO test equipment and complete accessories for 2 spermiograms (2 × sampling cup, 2 × pipette, 2 × closable ampoule with powder, 2 × closed slide). The accessories include detailed instructions in Czech.

Testing process with the YO Test set

  • In the package you will find accessories for easy and accurate execution of 2 spermiograms
  • In addition, you need a smartphone (Android) or PC (Windows 7/8/10) for the test
  • The sample is not in contact with a mobile device or computer during testing
  • The interactive application automatically guides you through the testing process step by step
  • Fast result with 97% accuracy
  • The whole test does not take more than 45 minutes

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