Deseo Drops for sexual weakness treatment


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DESEO® drops is an approved homeopathic medicinal product for complaints caused
by sexual weakness in men and women, such as erectile dysfunction, sexual exhaustion or sexual  aversion. DESEO® drops contain the natural active ingredient of the medicinal plant Turnera diffusa.

The advantages of DESEO drops at a glance:
 combats sexual weakness in men and women
 works regardless of the time of ingestion without known side effects or interactions

 easy to dose in drop form Contained in DESEO® drops Turnera diffusa Dil D4.

100 g of DESEO® drops contain: 100 g of Turnera diffusa Dil. D4.
The other ingredients are: Ethanol 96%, Purified water.
Side effects or interactions with other drugs are not yet known with DESEO® drops.
The recommended dose for adults is: For acute complaints:
5 drops every half to full hour, no more than 6 times a day;
• For chronic complaints: 1 drops 3 to 5 times a day.
If the symptoms improve, the frequency of intake should be reduced.
The counted drops should be diluted in a glass with a little water and can
be taken with or without food.

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