Deumavan ointment natural (without lavender)

Deumavan ointment natural (without lavender)


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Naturally gentle care for sensitive intimate skin

Deumavan® intimate care natural does not contain fragrances and contains only vitamin E, which is so important for the skin. This makes the ointment especially suitable for fragrance allergy sufferers and for cleaning and caring for particularly sensitive skin.

Deumavan® intimate hygiene ointment natural (and lavender) is a product without additives, i.e. without emulsifiers, stabilizers, parabens or other preservatives and also anhydrous. We have produced our intimate hygiene products as ointments, i.e. anhydrous fats and oils, and not as creams. All microorganisms need water for their growth, this should be prevented, therefore anhydrous. Creams as mixtures of water and fat/oil cannot be produced without the emulsifiers, parabens and other preservatives mentioned.

The alcohols contained in many creams initially lead to a pleasant, supple skin feeling, but in the long term to increased dryness of the skin and thus exactly the opposite of what is desired. The skin in this area does not need water supply from the outside. However, possible dehydration due to unnecessary alcohols should be avoided.

The possibilities of application of Deumavan® intimate hygiene ointment are quite wide. It is recommended for many complaints in the genital area. From a dry entrance to the vagina, itching, burning and skin problems during menopause to eczema and hemorrhoids.

- Gentle allergen-free care for irritated and stressed skin.
- For use before and after skin use.
- May support the skin's natural functions.
- Can prevent infections in the genital and area.
- Especially for fragrance allergy sufferers and for the care of highly sensitive skin (also diaper zone).
- For a pleasant feeling on the skin.


Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Paraffinum, Tocopheryl Acetate


Deumavan® ointment is excellent for long-term use due to its good tolerability. It is recommended both for cleansing and for caring for the intimate area. Areas of application in everyday intimate hygiene are:
– before and after straining the skin – after washing – to clean the genital area (and the anus) without prior washing – after sexual intercourse
– before and after bowel movements
– before sporting activity – to prevent mechanical damage
– as an accompanying support for pathological skin changes
– after radiation exposure.
Include the entire genital area (vulva or glans, perineum, area) in intimate hygiene.

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