Dikla Regenerating Nail Hardener 12 ml

Dikla Regenerating Nail Hardener 12 ml


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The nail hardener with plant stem cells for intensive regeneration

Plant stem cells from alpine roses combined with a vitamin cocktail have an antioxidant effect, which can prevent premature aging of nail keratin. The Regenerating Nail Hardener strengthens the nail and reduces splintering. A protective and long-lasting waterproof film protects the nail from softening when it comes into contact with water.

Vitamin complex efficiently helps with splintering, dry nails

More elastic and resistant nails

Protective, long-lasting waterproof film against softening by water

Can be used as a base coat

Without formaldehyde

Simply apply the nail hardener to the cleaned fingernails and let it dry. Depending on your needs, a second coat can also be applied. The nail hardener can be easily removed with the nail polish remover.

Plant Stem Cells


Argan oil

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