Earbreeze ear dryer medical device

Earbreeze ear dryer medical device


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Wet ears after showering, bathing, swimming or water sports?

Gentle and fast ear drying by means of a specially directed stream of warm air.

Gently transports persistent residual moisture out of the ear. The earbreeze dry is not only quick and easy to use, but also allows individual adaptation to the respective user thanks to its ergonomic design. This makes it an effective helper for young and old.

In order to do justice to the different sizes and characteristics of the external auditory canals, two earpieces of different sizes are available to users. These can be easily replaced and cleaned.

The air velocity generated by the device can also be adjusted in three stages, depending on the sensitivity. This means that the earbreeze dry can be used by the whole family: from 0 to 99 years.


Patented nozzle shape

Gentle, rapid and eardrum-friendly drying of the ear canal by reducing the remaining residual moisture by means of a specially directed stream of warm air.

Multi-user use

Can be used for multiple users with interchangeable earpieces in two different sizes.

Ideal also on the go

With its handy size, the integrated battery and the water-repellent transport case, the earbreeze dry is also the ideal companion for on the go.

The internationally patented innovation from Austria

The earbreeze dry was developed and implemented by technical experts in cooperation with leading universities and research institutes. Taking into account the latest scientific and medical findings, it was precisely adapted to the usage practice of potentially affected persons. The result is a uniquely gentle and efficient innovation for safe ear drying, which is internationally patented. The highlight of the earbreeze dry is a specially shaped earpiece and the internationally patented nozzle shape. The heart of it is a "tongue" for swirling the body-warm air flow. As a result, it gently reaches the entire external auditory canal. The air enriched with residual moisture then flows out through the earpiece in a controlled manner. The original from Austria, dries ears easily, gently and quickly and protects the eardrum.

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