Fit4you Whey Protein Chocolate 2000 g

Fit4you Whey Protein Chocolate 2000 g


  • $115.50

Fit4you WHEY PROTEIN is a high quality milk protein concentrate with a complete content of essential and non-essential amino acids, low in sugar (2.6g per serving) and fat (1g per serving). Fit4you Whey Protein is suitable for increasing daily protein intake, for people with an active lifestyle and an increased form of physical stress. Branched amino acids contained in protein (isoleucine, leucine, valine) have a particularly positive effect on the regeneration of the body. Proteins, on the other hand, perform a wide range of functions in the body and are essential for life. They are important for energy metabolism, cell cycle, transport mechanisms, immunity, cell signaling, have regulatory and building functions.

  • up to 22 g of quality protein per serving
  • incredibly delicious taste
  • excellent amino acid profile

We recommend taking whey protein 3 times a day – in the morning, evening and an hour after training. The preparation is simple, it is enough to mix the protein well in water or vegetable milk (coconut or almond).


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