Fittydent Super Cleansing Dental Tablets 32 pcs

Fittydent Super Cleansing Dental Tablets 32 pcs


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"Fittydent Super Cleaning Tablets 32 pcs. - for gentle cleaning of full dentures + partial dentures

To remove the water-insoluble residues, the fittydent super cleaning tablets are suitable

Remove the water-insoluble residues of fittydent adhesive cream and adhesive pads

Cleaning dentures and braces

No corrosion of metal parts

No discoloration of acrylic parts

Suitable for daily cleaning of your dentures

Cleanliness and freshness for dentures and braces with the powerful fittydent pH9 formula "

" Clean dentures under running water with a brush.

Put a cleaning tablet with the prosthesis in a glass of warm water.

Leave the dentures or braces in the cleaning solution for about 5 minutes. Use the cleansing tablets daily.

Rinse the prosthesis under running water and dry well before the next use.

Caution: Keep away from children. Do not put the tablet and cleaning solution in the mouth."

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