Footner CoolActive Massage Roller 50 ml

Footner CoolActive Massage Roller 50 ml


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Footner CoolActive Massager

Relieves foot discomfort

Massage ball relaxes the feet

Moisturizes and soothes the skin

Footner CoolActive Massage Roller – for 90 applications

Due to the immediate cooling effect, Footner CoolActive Massage Roller is the quick help for burning, tired or heavy feet, for example after standing for a long time. The massage ball relaxes the feet, the foam moisturizes and soothes the skin.

With the massage ball of the Footner CoolActive massage roller, the cooling and soothing foam is distributed on the foot.

Immediate relief from common ailments such as:

standing for a long time or after a day in uncomfortable shoes

with burning balls of the feet after a night of dancing in high heels

for heavy and tired feet after exertion, e.g. after sports or after a hike

Or to refresh your feet on warm summer days!

The metal ball provides instant cooling and acts like a relaxing foot massage. The active ingredient mix in the cold foam provides additional coolness and helps to reduce swelling, moisturizes and soothes. After an application of 2-5 minutes, the skin temperature is reduced by an average of 24% (8 degrees). An additional deodorant effect leaves a pleasant scent.

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