Gojisan Immun Protect Bärli 30 gummies

Gojisan Immun Protect Bärli 30 gummies


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With GOJISAN® IMMUN PROTECT, you support your immune system on a daily basis – and at the same time promote general well-being. In addition to the powerful goji berry, sea buckthorn berries provide the body with an extra portion of vitamins.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the goji berry, also known as the fruit of well-being, promotes vitality and gives a lot of vitality with its antioxidant effect. The "superfruit" contains not only a good portion of zinc, iron, vitamins and important trace elements, but also substances such as polysaccharides[1], which can specifically support the immune system.

The sea buckthorn berry also provides a great immune system boost: it is one of the best natural sources of vitamins and is characterized in particular by a high content of vitamin C and phytochemicals. According to studies, sea buckthorn has an anti-inflammatory, cell-protective, regenerating effect and reduces stress.

The 10 different vitamins in GOJISAN® IMMUN PROTECT protect the cells from oxidative stress, help reduce fatigue and contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. They also support the maintenance of normal skin, hair and muscle function - a true all-rounder!

And best of all – GOJISAN® IMMUN PROTECT also tastes wonderfully like orange! Free of alcohol, gluten, lactose and dyes, it is suitable for daily, permanent use and also for children from 4 years of age. In addition, GOJISAN® IMMUN PROTECT has up to 50% less sugar than comparable preparations! In short: a product designed to promote general well-being and strengthen the body's defenses for the whole family!

GOJISAN® Immun Protect Immunbärli support the immune system and promote well-being through the unique multi-immune formula of goji berries, sea buckthorn, 9 vitamins and zinc.

The Immunbärli are already suitable for children from 4 years of age, have no sugar and are free of synthetic dyes. They taste pleasantly orange - perfect for the whole family!

Recommended intake:

Children from 4-7 years: 3 Bärlis daily

Children from 8-13 years: 6 Bärlis daily

Adolescents/adults: 9 Bärlis daily

Nutritional Information

per 9 pieces*

from 14 years

per 6 pieces* 8-13 years

per 3 pieces*

4-7 years

Vitamin A

540 μg (68%**) 

360 μg (45%**) 

180 μg (23%**)

Vitamin D

5 μg (100%**)   

3.3 μg (67%**)

1.7 μg (33%**)

Vitamin e

2.5 mg (21%**)



Vitamin C

90 mg (113%**)

60 mg (75%**)

30 mg (38%**)

Thiamine (B1)

0.9 mg (82%**)

0.6 mg (55%**)

0.3 mg (27%**)

Riboflavin (B2)

1.2 mg (86%**)

0.8 mg (57%**)

0.4 mg (29%**)

Niacin (B3)

18 mg (113%**)

12 mg (75%**)

6 mg (38%**)

Vitamin B6

1.2 mg (86%**)

0.8 mg (57%**)

0.4 mg (29%**)

Biotin (B7)

36 μg (72%**)

24 μg (48%**)

12 μg (24%**)


10 mg (100%**)

7 mg (66%**)

3 mg (33%**)

Other nutritionally active ingredients

Sea buckthorn preparation

24 mg

16 mg

8 mg

Goji berry preparation

495 mg

330 mg

165 mg

* Daily recommendation: One pack contains 3.3 (9 pieces/day) or 5 (6 pieces/day) or 10 (3 pieces/day) daily servings.

** of the reference intake for the daily intake [nutrient reference value (Regulation 1169/2011/EU)] not specified, because < 15%

No added sugar, product naturally contains sugar.

Information for diabetics: 1.6 BE/9 Bärli

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