Kevin Levrone GOLD Glutamine Flavor Free 300 g

Kevin Levrone GOLD Glutamine Flavor Free 300 g

Kevin Levrone

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Glutamine is suitable for athletes who want to supplement this extremely important amino acid. The body contains it in all cells and its supplementation promotes regeneration, recovery and faster muscle growth.

  • anti-catabolic and anabolic effect
  • delivers energy during performance
  • boosts immunity
  • accelerates muscle growth and regeneration
  • helps eliminate fatigue and depression

Mix 1 scoop (10g) in 200-300 ml of cold water. The product can be consumed before, during and after training

Designed for people over 15 years of age. Not suitable for lactating and lactating women. It does not serve as a substitute for a varied and varied diet. Store in a dry place and out of reach of small children. Before taking, study the instructions for use (elite) and follow the recommended dosage. This supplement does not contain any performance enhancing substances. Consult a trainer before starting any training effort.

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