Nobilis Tilia Fema intimate gel 100 ml

Nobilis Tilia Fema intimate gel 100 ml

Nobilis Tilia

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Gel with essential oils for feeling fresh and soothing intimate areas

Do you want to get rid of unpleasant feelings and persistent discomfort in the area of intimate parts? Nobilis Tilia Fema intimate hygiene gel allows you to do just that. It will help the skin gently get rid of impurities, soothe it and relieve itching of the outer mucosa. Thanks to the content of essential oils, it leaves the outer part of the intimate parts fresh and pleasantly scented, moreover moisturized and with a feeling of comfort. The gel will be appreciated by all women who want to be sure that the skin in these areas maintains its natural balance.


  • gently cares for the skin of intimate parts, contributes to the removal of impurities
  • relieves unpleasant feelings and discomfort in the area of intimate parts
  • soothes, relieves itching of the external mucosa, brings relief from irritation
  • Gives a feeling of freshness and long-lasting comfort
  • softens the outer parts of intimate parts
  • helps maintain their natural balance


  • a mixture of essential oils of myrrh, bergamot and other citrus, tea tree oil – sensitively treats intimate areas, soothes and softens them, ensures a fresh scent
  • vegan product


Skin type for all skin types
Effect pacification
Active substances vitamin C, tea tree oil, vitamin E, panthenol

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