NOVELLISTA Calypso Fountain Eau de Parfum


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Fragrance inspired by Homer's love story from the epic Odyssey 

Imagine the sunrise on the coast – the fleeting and tender moment of the birth of a new day – and feel all the tones of the Mediterranean island. NOVELLISTA CALYPSO FOUNTAIN eau de parfum will take you to the beach, where the air is saturated with juicy fresh notes of citrus and intoxicating scent of flowers. This whiff of summer will add sparkle to your everyday life.

  • Women's water fragrance with floral heart
  • underlines the femininity and uniqueness of its wearer
  • the fragrance is the work of perfumer Caroline Sabas

Thanks to the high concentration of essential oils and the purest and most expensive essential oils, you can enjoy this atmosphere for a really long time. All this in a timeless and highly elegant bottle.

Composition of the fragrance
Immediately after smelling you will be enchanted by the sparkling tones of bergamot and chinotto oranges and together with the scent of juicy pineapple will make you feel anticipation and joy. The fresh composition will be complemented by an intoxicating floral aroma, represented by exotic lotus flowers, jasmine petals and elegant roses. Like the sun's rays, you will be caressed by the warm woody tones of sandalwood and palm wood in the base, which harmoniously complements the sweet golden ambergris and clear musk.

Fragrance inspiration: Odyssey The fragrance NOVELLISTA CALYPSO FOUNTAIN was inspired by Homer's epic Odyssey. It captures the 10-year journey of the Ithacan king from the Trojan War and his undying love for his beloved wife. The story, which is reflected in this fragrance, takes place on the island of Ogygia, where the hero was shipwrecked. There he was found and rescued by the beautiful nymph Calypso. She immediately fell in love with the king and kept him on the island for 7 long years. And the very smell of the island, light and fresh as a breeze, and the story of undying love imprinted in this perfume.

Create a complete collection of exclusive NOVELLISTA fragrances Are you interested in NOVELLISTA
? Let yourself be enchanted by another of the 17 unique compositions inspired by world book legends, created by renowned perfumers from Grasse, France. You will always find the right fragrance for all moments of life. Your perfume, your story.

Head bergamot, citrus Chinotto, clementine
Heart Piña Colada, jasmine, rose, lotus
Basis sandalwood, ambergris, musk
Type of fragrance citrus, floral

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