NOVELLISTA Citrus Affair Unisex Eau de Parfum


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Fragrance inspired by the mysterious Italian girl Mignon from the novel by J. W. Goethe

Just as unforgettable as a walk along the Italian Amalfi Coast is the NOVELLISTA CITRUS AFFAIR eau de parfum. It will take you to a place where lemon trees smell wonderful and golden orange shine in deep gloom. It will refresh and caress you like a breeze that fansifies the high cliffs above the azure blue sea.

  • Delicate citrus musky scent, for him and for her
  • Gender-neutral refreshing summer fragrance
  • fragrance is the work of perfumer Marie Huguenot

Thanks to the high concentration of essential oils and the purest and most expensive essential oils, you can enjoy a fresh and distinctive aroma for a very long time. All this in a timeless and highly elegant bottle.

Fragrance composition
Right at the beginning, you will be enchanted by the combination of fresh ginger and lemon, which is boldly complemented by the playful and optimistic scent of grapefruit. Gradually, very delicate tones of citrus and tangerine flowers appear, which mix with hints of jasmine and rose. Gradually fresh fragrance passes into sparkling musky tones with a touch of light sandalwood and warm ambergris.

Fragrance inspiration: Vilém Meister's apprentice years The fragrance NOVELLISTA CITRUS AFFAIR is inspired by the poem "Mignon" from Goethe's novel The Apprentice
Years by Vilém Meister. Mignon is a young Italian girl who permeates the story. He comes with a group of circus jugglers and plays an important role in William's life. It is the catchy verses from the passages where Mignon recalls Italy that still inspire various artists and perfumers.

Create a complete collection of exclusive NOVELLISTA fragrances Are you interested in NOVELLISTA? Let yourself be enchanted by another of the 17 unique compositions inspired by world book legends, created by renowned perfumers from Grasse, France. You will always find the right fragrance for all moments of life. Your perfume, your story.

Head lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot
Heart jasmine, ginger, rose
Basis musk, sandalwood
Type of fragrance citrus, floral

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