NOVELLISTA Saffron Whisper Unisex Eau de Parfum


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Embark on a journey to the countries of the Middle East. Unisex eau de parfum NOVELLISTA Saffron Whisper will bring you the atmosphere of these landscapes as colourfully and faithfully as the thrilling life story from Gertrude Bell, nicknamed the "Queen of the Desert".

  • oriental fragrance with woody tones
  • Unisex fragrance – suitable for both men and women
  • fragrance created by perfumer Amandine Galliano

The fragrance opens with a mixture of agarwood and benzoin with a slightly smoky tone, all with a background of black currant. Shortly after, the Bulgarian rose with geranium and juicy raspberry comes to the fore. The fragrant composition thus acquires a floral to opulent touch. Base notes are aromatic papyrus, green notes of birch oil & smoky incense

Fragrance inspiration: The Desert and the Sown The author of the story the Desert and the Sown
is Gertrude Bell - a British traveler with an extraordinary life, who discovered and vividly described the Middle East. The borders of the later states were determined according to her mapped expeditions. It is therefore no wonder that it inspired perfumers to create.

Gertrude rode with bandits, found herself in the captivity of a harem, and in her work she wonderfully captured the local way of thinking and living. Everything that belongs to the Arabian region, including dry desert winds, nomadic Bedouins, mysterious women or sheikhs, the fragrance captures in its oriental fragrant composition.

Head agar wood, benzoin, black currant
Heart rose, geranium, raspberry
Basis saffron, frankincense, birch
Type of fragrance oriental, woody

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