Nutrilon Advanced 4 Toddler milk 2x500 g

Nutrilon Advanced 4 Toddler milk 2x500 g


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A baby grows like water and needs proper nutrition. Nutrilon follow-on milk provides him with beneficial substances and vitamins C and D for proper immune function and healthy development. The innovated formula does not contain palm oil.

  • Recommended from the end of the 24th month.

Recommended method of preparation:
Sterilize all used utensils and boil drinking water intended for infants. Let it cool in the kettle for about 30 minutes to about 40 °C. Pour water into the bottle. Always use the enclosed measuring cup for dosing. Align the powder in it using a special plastic strip inside the package. Add powder to the water bottle. Close the bottle and shake it thoroughly for 10 seconds in an upright position. Before serving, check the temperature of the milk mixture by dripping on the inside of the wrist and administer immediately.

Allergens milk, fish, soy
Allergens – contains traces does not contain traces of allergens
Age from the 24th month
Specifics and limitations gluten-free

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