Ovulation test Breathe ILO


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If you want to have children and for natural cycle control

Determine your fertile days easily and accurately

Observe your cycle over a period of time of your choice

Identify and track your individual symptoms

Breathe only 1 minute a day in breathe ilo

From Android 6 and iOS 11 operating system breathe ilo is a breath analyzer and the simplest way to determine a woman's fertile days. Breathe into the breathe ilo device for just 1 minute a day and find out your fertility status.

Whether you're trying to get pregnant or have a strong health awareness. breathe ilo gives you a precise insight and helps you to get to know your body better.

Hormones produced during the menstrual cycle change the CO2 gases in the air you breathe. Based on this CO2 tracking and your individual cycle pattern, breathe ilo's self-learning algorithm manages to accurately recognize your fertile days. breathe ilo displays the cycle phase via the smartphone app and thus helps to learn more about your body and health. Track your cycle and recognize fertile days.

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