Underground Pharm Prodigy 90 caps

Underground Pharm Prodigy 90 caps

Underground Pharm

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The PRODIGY product is composed of the most effective ingredients that will support testosterone secretion, suppress the negative effects of estrogen and ensure the anabolic state of your body.

Testosterone belongs to the hormones thanks to which men have muscle mass and tremendous strength. Unfortunately, natural levels overwhelmingly do not reach the values that ensure great growth of muscle mass. Assuming you don't naturally have higher testosterone levels, there are cases where natural bodybuilders have tested positive for testosterone doping tests even though they haven't taken steroids. Only a subsequent B sample revealed this abnormal state of the organism). Those who are not so lucky, there is no choice but to take a different path. They will either try to increase their own testosterone levels naturally by using nutritional supplements or they will reach for doping substances. We will focus on the first option, because there are many ways to help yourself. However, many companies sell these substances separately as part of marketing, and finding a really strong product that is assembled from several substances is almost impossible.

Surely you know it, you train hard, follow a strict diet, devote time to recovery, and despite all efforts, your muscles do not want to grow. Perhaps the mistake is that your testosterone levels are low. Low levels can be caused by a number of factors. Poor lifestyle (drinking alcohol, smoking, poor nutrition), but also advanced age. It is common knowledge that testosterone levels drop dramatically in men after the age of thirty. This is negatively reflected in the amount of muscle and fat mass. Muscle decreases and fat is accumulated. Interest in sex life decreases, and this has consequences in a bad and irritable mood.

However, what interests us is the effect of testosterone on muscle growth. The math is very simple. As long as you keep your levels of this hormone under control and add a solid diet, hard training and recovery, you are well on your way to big muscles. Nowadays, especially young people want to have big muscles and are not willing to sacrifice anything for this.

  • directly affects anabolic processes in the body
  • helps to increase muscle mass
  • affects physical performance
  • shortens the time needed for regeneration
  • slows down aging
  • improves vitality and sexual function
  • promotes the burning of body fat

Use as a dietary supplement. Take 1 capsule three times a day on an empty stomach 20 minutes before meals. Drink with plenty of water. To maximize the effects, we recommend consuming a diet high in full protein.

Designed for healthy people over 18 years of age. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. If you suffer from any health problem, consult your doctor about taking this product.

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