Warrior Labz Spartan ® USA 90 caps

Warrior Labz Spartan ® USA 90 caps

Warrior Labz

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Are you doing everything right? Disciplined? But still somehow to no avail? For this purpose, ALPHA MAX was created, thanks to which it is possible to build quality muscle mass and extreme strength.

▪️Muscle volume gain

▪️Increase in strength and endurance

▪️Improves regeneration

Spartan is a product designed only for those who are really serious about exercise. Behind its extreme power are four active compounds (Max LMG, Epistane, DMZ, Halodrol) that directly affect muscle and strength growth – all with exceptional quality, of course! It is suitable for volume phases, which aim to gain muscle volume and strength, but the typical effect is also to increase endurance. In sensitive individuals, the occurrence of increased water retention or development of gynecomastia is possible. The toxic effect of the active substances is minimal, but very unlikely due to the supporting substances. The complex of active ingredients is also enriched with ingredients improving absorption.

Take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule at lunch and 1 capsule in the evening. Drink with plenty of water. After the end of use, it is recommended to include products from the PCT category.

The food supplement is not suitable for women and persons under 18 years of age. Consult a specialist before starting use. In case of health problems, consult a doctor. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Do not combine with alcohol, other narcotics or similar products. If you experience negative side effects, discontinue the dosage immediately. Store in a dark, dry place.

The manufacturer distances himself from responsibility for the consequences caused by improper dosage, use during any deteriorated state of health, in combination with alcohol, drugs or narcotic drugs.

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