ENZYMEL PARODONT enzyme gel for gums 30ml

ENZYMEL PARODONT enzyme gel for gums 30ml


  • $33.50

Tooth gel cares for the gums, teeth and oral mucosa. Proteolytic enzymes in the form of a mucoadhesive gel improve their defenses and promote healing, reduce bleeding and swelling, reduce dental plaque and bacterial growth. The gel is suitable against inflammation and swelling of the gums, with increased bleeding gums, after tearing teeth or other surgery and for injuries in the oral cavity, if you suffer from greater tooth decay. Furthermore, the product is suitable as protection against periodontitis, it is suitable for both pregnant women and diabetics.

Dosage and method of use

Use the gel at least twice a day, do not drink or eat 30 minutes before application. Either apply a small amount of gel to the gums and gently massage or press into the interdental spaces.


The product contains only mucoadhesive components for a long time of action, does not contain the common allergen SLS and does not contain the irritant substance alcohol.

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